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1965-1969  entry number 4678, Prince of Wales School, Grigg House
Memories of the School: 
Waking up those chilly mornings with a mist lying across the top pitches. 
Doing "trades" as a rabble before breakfast and heading down to Chapel or Flag Parade. 
Movies on a Saturday night in an army anorak trying to stay warm. 
Great camaraderie. Tuuck shop. Half terms. 
Going on a raid to Boma and hoisting underwear on our flagpole. 

moving to read Engineering at Loughborough, sponsored by Hawker Siddeley in 1970.
A move to Vickers offshore engineering where he developed and implemented underwater explosive welding using mini-subs below 

diver depth in the Norwegian Trench.
Further assignments in the North Sea with Wharton Williams Underwater Engineering led to over working with Shell for over a 

decade in the UK, USA, Holland, Norway and Finland, obviating the need for divers through the use of robotics and semi-

autonomous subsea vehicles.
Marrying his physician, Dr Linda Sutherland, in 1986 gave rise to offspring Ali and Laura, who are both in full-time education.
In 1990, Vic moved to freelance consulting in 12 countries spanning five continents, working for PDVSA in Venezuela and BP in 

the Caspian, Shell in Nigeria, Exxon in USA, ChevronTexaco in the UK and Agip in Kazakstahn - amongst others.
Moving from Technology to Operations, Systems to People Management, Career Counselling to Organisational Development, Vic 

communicates complex concepts through metaphors, anecdotes and analogies to good effect.