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Foundations of Local Government

The Nairobi Municipal regulations were published on the 16th April , 1900 under the powers vested in Sir Arthur Hardinge, H M Commissioner at Zanzibar by Article 45 of the East Africa Order-in-Council. The regulations defined the township of Nairobi " the area comprised within a radius of one-mile-and-a-half from the present office of H.M.  Sub-Commissioner in Ukamba" and authorised the Sub-Commissioner to nominate annually a number of the leading residents or merchants to act with him as a committee.
The first District Commissioner's Office and Court House in Nairobi in 1900
The committee obtained its plans, marked out plots and roadways in the commercial area and sought Government's permission to cut jungle wood for scantlings to build the new shops. Two months after the committee started work, a hundred and twenty insanitary shacks were being demolished and the first census of the Bazaar was under way.

Mr T A Woods

There was only one school for children of officials and settlers.