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1956 Mombasa Primary School soccer team. 
From left to right: 
 Front row: Martin Wilson, Roy Eton, "Pongo" Jackson, Keith Potter, Chris Jupp. 
Back row: Chris Wylie, Peter Van Aardt, Alan Jones, Dave McFarnell, Cedric Snaith, Mike MacFarlane

Lived in Mombasa 1952-8, went to Mombasa Primary with Mike and Dave Mcfarnell. 
In the school soccer team with Dave, played tennis and stuff together with Dave, and Chris and Barry Jupp - a dynamic foursome. Also hung out regularly with Shaun Metcalfe, Keith Potter, Martin Wilson, Roger Thomas, Roy Eton, and many others. Moved on briefly to DOY, before leaving for England. 
Finished his education at Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School in South London, went to University College Hospital Medical School, and then on into academia. 
See entry in Who's Who for his professional career. Currently living in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he is the William Schubert Professor, and Director of the Division of Developmental Biology at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Research Foundation.
He still misses those Mombasa days!  And he would love to know what happened to the people he knew there.