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Born & bred Kenya, East Africa.
Went to Parklands and Kilimani primary schools and then Msongari from 1965-68 before boarding in the UK.
The family emigrated to the UK in the 70's and settled in Kent.
Still living in Kent.
Been back to Kenya for holidays several times, but not since 1991.
Cooper family consisted of Dad, Denis and Mum, Mabel and two brothers, Tim (ex-parklands) and Jeremy (ex-Kilimani), who both boarded at an early age in the UK. Dad has sinced died (1992)
Mum and Dad originally joined the Ground-nut scheme in the late 40's and were stationed in many parts of Tanganyika before the venture virtually folded, and Dad (as a Chief Accountant) moved to a new job in Kenya.
They lived in Thika during the Mau Mau, and later moved nearer Nairobi just before Independence. Tim works for BA and lives in Buckinghamshire and Jeremy has now settled in Costa Rica, Central America where he has lived for the past 9 years