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David Walsh

Lives in Great Bookham
Married to Carol
Prince of Wales, Rhodes House 64


(above) Taken at the Maidstone Reunion  2002

Chris Stockwell and David



David Walsh at 1990 Dover Pageant

My company OUTPOST were title sponsors

of the 1990 Dover Pageant.


Played part of Henry VI in 1999 Dover Pageant


Quite a lot has happened since then
Shortly after above mentioned Dover Pageant, the recession of 91/92 marmelised his business. Someone said the word 'marketing consultant' which he then became, is a euphemism for 'unemployed'. 
Thankfully he was able to be gainfully re-employed as an Ad Sales Director in the health and fitness sector (ads and promotions in gyms and sports centres).
David as now retired and has turned his hand to painting.