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Ron and his brother John were born in Kenya.

Ron born in Eldoret in 1931.


They went to Kitale Primary School

1944 the P O W School, Nicholson House  1110 in Nairobi.

Left in 1948. 

Most of his family life and then employment was at the Uplands Bacon Factory a bit north of Limuru on the Rail line of 


Did his two years with the Kenya Regiment, training at Nakuru.


Ron left Kenya with his small family in early 1962.

Spent two years in London, then followed his father to live in New Zealand.

Ron has 5 children - and worked in Supermarket butcheries until he retired.


His father Herbie was sent to live with his maternal uncle in Kenya at aged 14 from London in 1924.

Hi father managed the "Smallgoods" and Canning Department in that large Factory.



Kitale Class c.1943

front right Ron Standfield



Nicholson house Hockey team about 1946 - Sandy Munro centre

front right Ron Standfield

A passenger Garratt steam engine