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Born in Accra, Ghana - father left the army in 1956 and joined the air industry so we were moved from post to post! 1965 - 67 Kenya High School - Northcote House. 
Sister Jane Glen ( Nee Ellway ) 1965 - 69 Kenya High School
Both live in UK
Father left the army in 1956 and joined the air industrya s the Compliance Officer for IATA (International Air Transport Association) and spent 6 years in Kenya and then transferred to Hong Kong in 1971 - he enjoyed the Sportsman Bar, Donovan Mall, the Norfolk Hotel, 
Friends from those KGH days are Sallie Cooper (known as Salvidant) 
Sallie and Lindsey were in a school group who did Kilimanjaro in 1966.

Maggie Bracher (now Pollard) and Sandie Walters (now Joubert).