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St.Mary's School, Nairobi, Champion House, 1953-1965.  





in photograph in newspaper cutting 1955

Adrian was a very good athlete

Married to Vickie for over 40 years and still lives in Kenya. 
In the tourist business which specialised in flying hot air balloons in 
the Mara Game Reserve. 
Three sons, all educated in North Yorkshire at Ampleforth College.
Brian, the eldest, lives in Suthern Tanania, married with 3 daughters.  
Matthew, second son, lives in Mauritius, married with 2 daughters. 
Youngest, Christopher, lives in New York.
NEWS received from Michael Nicholson
Adrian Luchurst, who is fighting for his life after being shot last night as he got home with his wife. He was shot twice, once in the face and the second round in his chest. We visited him recently at his new house at Vapingo Ridge.
Our sincere thoughts and best wishes go to Adrian , his wife and family.
Update from Michael Nicholson  21st June 2014
I hear that he was operated on that night and is doing well. He is out of danger but they think that he's lost the hearing of one ear and and possibly one eye as well. He is lucid and can talk.
Last report 
Adrian and Vickie had been out for dinner with friends and arrived back home. There were 5 or 6 people waiting to ambush them in the garden at home. Adrian was grabbed from the car by 3 of them and threatened with a gun. 
They took everything off him and kept demanding cash and valuables. Adrian explained that they had taken everything off him. 
They shot him in the face just to the right of his nose, the bullet exited just below his ear. As he fell to the ground they then shot him a second time in the chest just below his chin, the bullet exited just below his armpit, it did not damage any organs. 
When Adrian was down Vicky had all her jewelry stolen and they were demanding the keys for the house, Vickie explained that all keys were in her handbag which they already had. Vickie was not hurt in any way. 
The gang then took off. The askaris has pushed the alarm for ultimate security who arrived. 
Vickie attended to Adrian with the help of the house staff, Mike Culley was called and assisted to get Adrian to Nairobi Hospital. 
Adrian had an MRI and CAT scan and was immediately taken into surgery. He had a full flushing of the bullet wounds and clean up and was released into ICU at 5 am. 
He remained in ICU Friday, Saturday and Sunday, he was moved to a private room on Monday. 
Adrian had reconstructive surgery work on the bones of his face for 5 hrs on Monday evening. 90% of the repair was done during this time. 
There is no damage to his right or left eye but there is lots of swelling and bruising. 
There is more surgery scheduled for later today as the bullet damaged his ear. There is however a slight infection. 
If all is OK when they remove the dressings then they will complete the reconstruction on his jaw today. 
Good news is that Adrian is lucid, with it, and can talk perfectly well. 
There has been no arrest of the criminals by police or CID. However they are tracking all the stolen items, phones etc. 
Adrian may be allowed visitors on Saturday. He is in St Teresa's ward. Due to the surgery today and recuperation time needed, please contact the hospital to speak to a member of the family before visiting so that Adrian can get as much rest as possible.