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Grew up in Eldoret, where my father was born, and first attended school there at the Loreto Convent. 
Later moved to Ruiru, did a short stint at Valley Rd  before moving to Msongari.  Family went to live iin Mombasa in 1955 where she attended  Loreto Convent. Spent 4 years at school in England and returned to Kenya in 1960, taught at the Kenya Girls High for a year before going to the newly formed University of Nairobi ( then known as The Royal College) to study Fine Art.
Living and working in the West Indies since 1966, (Jamaica and Trinidad)
Currently administer a Wildlife Rehab and paint between feeding, cleaning and medicating animals. 
Web site, up but incomplete - www.worctrinidad.org  and Detta is included on another website in Florida: www.WildlifeAssist.com  through membership in the FWRA. 
Would like to hear about or from Allan Rodgers