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Saint Mary's 63-68 . Coldhams college 68/69 - 1969 drove from Kenya to Rhodesia.  Now resident in Knysna, 500 km east of Cape Town, South Africa.  Two children daughter Cheryl has finished school and now works for Dad.  Son, Warren finishes this year and while doing further studies next year will part time work for Dad if he wants his pocket money increase to cover his bachelor lifestyle. 
Currently - trying hard enter early retire for the second time and do more fishing! 
Send your emails and lets hear what the rest of you are doing.  Anyone know the whereabouts of - Tony Farrell, Liz Fredricksen, Nigel Tulloch, Cathy Tulloch last heard of in the grey UK.  And old flame Judy Cocksedge and brother Lynne Cocksedge?