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Attended Parklands Primary School 1954-9 and then Duke of York 1960-62.  
Now living in Wimborne, Dorset.

                             Parklands Primary School 1954-9

Back row l to r:  Andrew Tilling, Howard Patrick, ???, Ian McGregor (father worked at POW), Camilla Weinstein(?), Jennifer ???, Vivian Shapiro, ????(twin sister in middle row), David Buchbinder, Robin Bridges, 'Lanky' Aylward.
Middle:   Carol Filmer, Margaret Kuyper, ??? (twin sister in back row), ??????, Kay Donoghue, ??? Willey (twin brother in front row), Valerie ????,
??????, ??????, Maureen Westcob.
Front:   Alex 'Bosco' Boskovic,  Peter Carne, Chris Wallis, Michael Willey (twin sister behind), Stephen De Tray, Alan Smith, Geoffrey 'Polly' Perkins, Ian Anderson(?), Ian 'Willie' Wilson, Brian Newton.