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George V 1910-1936 - Kenya stamps

George V had not expected to become King, and had been trained as a naval officer. When his elder brother died, he became heir to the throne and King in 1910.
George V was a very conscientious man and a good and popular king.
The First World War broke out four years later. Germany was beaten, but a great many things happened as a result. The Russians rose against their ruler, the Czar' Nicholas II, and became a communist country. Before the end of the reign of George V there were revolutions in two other countries, Germany and Italy, and two evil men, Hitler and Mussolini, became dictators. They were later responsible for the outbreak of the Second World War. In England great changes took place. New Acts of Parliament gave women the right to vote, and the number of voters increased from seven millions to twenty millions. Trade was bad, and three years after the end of the war there were two million people in England without work. During the early part of the reign of George V, pensions were granted to widows and old people by a government under a Welshman named Lloyd George. 
He also helped to found the League of Nations, in an attempt to secure world peace.

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