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Went to Manor House School, Kitale, Kenya from 1961-63. 

Born in Cairo Egypt, in 1952.

His Father an Egyptian professor of entomologist worked for the world health organization who back in the early 60’s. was living in Uganda at that time with his American mother. ( Now is living with him in California, going on 96 years old ) 

Taher his late brother also went to Manor House, however, he was killed in an accident back in 1972 while he was attending Med. School in Cairo.

Adel has two other brothers who are medical doctors living in Arizona, USA. 

Adel now lives in Southern California with his wife and son, who has not left the nest yet, while his two sisters have moved on, now both married with kids

Adel has 3 grandkids, all living close by.


Adel retired from his design work as an interior architect for more than 42 years, now just does his art business.


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