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1961 Duke of York School, Nairobi, Kenya (Kirk) 
Iain : (MSM, D.Agric. International Red Cross: Head of Disaster Operations). Returning to Kenya after university he farmed with John Pollard in Solai, moving later to South Africa to a large cattle ranching operation in Lydenburg in the Transvaal. He moved to Calgary in Alberta, Canada where he continued to ranch cattle, play polo and be miserably homesick for Africa! until 1989. He is now an International Red Cross Delegate first recruited by the Canadian Red Cross for deployment in the first Gulf War in 1990. His current role is Deputy Head of Delegation and Head of Operations Liaison at the International Red Cross Permanent Observer Mission to the UN in New York and is at the time of writing  is ?flooded? supporting relief ops for Hurricane ?Katrina? and now ?Rita? in the US Gulf States. Iain most recently led the Red Cross emergency response to the Asian Tsunami and has served in over 50 countries.. heading up ops in the field and from Geneva HQ, for earthquakes in Bam in Iran, Turkey, El Salvador, Peru and Algeria, including two major Tsunamis in the Indian Ocean and in Papua New Guinea. He set up the Pan-American Disaster Response Unit in Panama. His diverse experience includes accident and crash scene response to munitions explosions in Nigeria and Peru, air incidents in India and Mexico, train crashes in Tanzania and Iran;  dam and landslide collapses in Syria and Venezuela and major refugee, civil unrest, social and population movement crises in Ethiopia, Argentina, Cote d? Ivoire, Southern Africa and The Rwanda War and in conflict operations in Algeria, Haiti, Somalia, Liberia, Rwanda, The Congo, and Bougainville in Papua New Guinea. He is a team leader and training instructor of FACT, the Red Cross emergency  response team, and is one of Canada?s representatives on the UN Disaster Assessment & Coordination teams and is a counselor for the Canadian Red Cross Victims of Torture programme. He was awarded the Canadian Meritorious Service Medal for actions during the Rwanda War. He has a base (occasionally visited!!) with his wife and 10 year old son in Calgary.