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Lives in Canada, in Oakville, that is just outside Toronto.
Lived in Nakuru - went to Nakuru School, then Lugard School when that opened as his mother taught at both schools.
Prince of Wales - Hawke House 1960 - 1964
Left Kenya in 1980 and emigrated to Canada - British Columbia and had an aircraft maintenance business until the recession of the 80's caused him to join British Aerospace in 1982 - Hatfield - covering Southern Africa. 
Transferred to USA Washington office in 1984 and moved to Oakville.
Married to June ( Looser ) Two boys 
David has a very good cllection of Kenya stamps
Organising luncheon Reunion on 9th May 2009
Dave Allen and Mike McFarnell - Nakuru School swimming pool 1961

David Allen and Mike McFarnell - swimming pool at Nakuru Girls School 1962


Lunch 12.10.2016 at the Coastguard, St Margaret's Bay

David Allen and Mike McFarnell

Anne McFarnell, June Allen, Mike McFarnell, David Allen and his sister jean