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Thomsons Falls Private School 1953-1959, Duke of York School 1959 - 1961.
Retired living in Dolgellau Wales. 
Father was in the Army in Nanyuki between 1949 - 53, then returned to Kenya in the Prison Service in 1954 until Independence. 
The family started off in Kileleshwa, then moved to Kamiti where both parents were in charge of the Prison, father the mens prison and Mother the women and childrens prison. Mum set up a nursery for the children while there. Father then moved and was in charge of Nakuru Prison living on the side of Menangai, then moved to Nairoibi Prison, then onto Langata and finally to Manyani Prison. At Independance parents moved to Zambia and his father became one of the Commissioners of Prisons there. 
Farther died 20 years ago. Mother is 93, and her memories of Kenya are really good still.