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Went to Loretto Convent Eldoret 1956 -1967
Lives in Richmond North, Western Sydney, Australia.
Mother wrote a Journal from 1950 to 1973 when she died. 
Firstly it was the Karamoja Times and then when they moved from that farm it became the KT.  The journal used to be sent round the world to all the family, each person sending them on to the next on the list. 
In all those years only about 2 or 3 never made it back to us and are lost. 
Father was a farmer who came out to Kenya after the war with the land settlement scheme and mother followed with the 5 Boys. Tim, Jay, Nic, Martin and Ben. 
First Farm was Karamoja farm in Trans Nzoia near Enderbess with a view of Elgon from the garden. Later moved to the Cherangani hills. and mainly farmed cattle for cream for the butter factory but also coffee and pigs.  
Sister Alison and Joanna were born in Kitale. The family  are a bit scattered now. 
Tim and his wife live in Tasmania, Tim now retired went to the Duke of York (as did all the boys but Nic also spent a brief unhappy time at St Mary's!) Put Tim Pickford in a search engine you can find out a bit about what he has been doing.  
Jay lives in Spain Granada with his wife. He is a fine artist and writer undiscovered unfortunately but happy so probably not a big deal. Nic Lives in Southern California with his wife. 
Martin lives in Paris you can find out about him too by putting his name in a search engine he is a palaeontologist. 
Ben Lives in California with his wife. 
Aly lives in Malvern UK.
Aly and Joanna went to Lorreto Convent Eldoret 1956 -1967. 
Joanna went to the Kitale School reunion last year in Perth. 
From Kitale, Grant and David Daniel's, Brandon Brooksbank, the Mills, the Burches, John and Toppy Burch were very close friends they went on some wonderful camping trips.
Still in touch with Paula, (NZ)  Anthony (UK) and Colin Burch (Naivasha). Gordon Valpey is a name which rings a bell.
The Barbours. The Cramptons. The Tofts, The Shields, Now in WA. The Barnleys ( think Anne is still in Kenya). The Waterfields from School. Daron and Sandra Johnstone, Daron is  in Seattle, Nicola James from Kampala (now Roberts) in UK, best friend who vanished after school never to be heard of again. Carol Chapman, Mary Albert, Guilia Barsantini, Pat Galigani amazing artist probably famous in Italy, Ala Tozzi, Candice Bishop, Rosemary Owen, Fiona