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Born and brought up in East Africa and later travelled to the U.K.
to study art. Her work has been exhibited internationally in such areas as the Middle and Far East.
Having lived in Egypt, Margaret is constantly inspired by the scenes around Cairo and also in Upper Egypt with it's tranquility and lush vegetation. 
Now lives in Devon, Kent, England, UK 
      Margaret Gent-Seay painting - Tender emotions    Margaret Gent-Seay painting - Beneath the surface
                       Tender Emotions                                                                                                   Beneath the surface
       Margaret Gent-Seay painting - While Youth dreams        Margaret Gent-Seay painting - Sunlit Masts
                                While Youth dreams                                                                                                    Sunlit masts
       Margaret Gent-Seay painting - Aswan Dawn  
                     Aswan Dawn