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Kenya Girls High from 1964-1966, Bronte House. 
Born 1950 or thereabouts
Lived near Westlands Shopping Centre
Now living in Johannesburg
Her brother, Joe Armstrong went to Kenton Prep
Her father, John Armstrong worked for Kenya bus.
Her mother, Ben, worked as an orthoptist in the central city.
Would love to make contact with Dee Thompson , who lived next door to them.
Frances Bowerbank nee Toner would love to make contact with Liz Armstrong who went to Kenya High. They had pets kept in what we called the Pet Boma. She had a rabbit called Bronte, the boarding house she was in as also Bronte, and I had Dutchy. Sadly we lost touch when we left Kenya, Liz went to South Africa and myself to England. I have always wanted to know what happened to her. We have a mutual friend from those days living in London. Liz can you contact Mike ( mwmcfarnell@gmail.com ) who will give you my Email.