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                                     Molo  Primary School

                                                                    Molo Primary School. 1962  Head -  Mrs Crabb

                                  Rear left. Jeremy Dowdeswell,  Evans,  Liz Barrett , Tricia Martin,   Anne Burgess

           Front from left  Simon Musgrave,( decd 2014)  Bruce ? Michael  Musgrave  [ decd  1970  ] Kristine Ravn  Barbara  


                  Ex Manor House Prep in Kitale and then the dreaded Public School in Cambridge.

                       Left about 1970 when the oldies threw in the towel and went to Portugal.

                    Still in touch with a few : -   Poultons, Hindleys and Ravens of the Molo area.


Simon Musgrave died in 2014 from lymphoma  in Southampton. 

He had been ill for about 8 years and endured many treatments in the hope he could be cured.