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1820 Settler Genealogies and Other related information


   Do you have family buried here in Kenya ,especially at FOREST ROAD CEMETERY ?
Have you been unable to locate or tend their final resting place because you have emigrated or live and work far away from here?
Due to many years of neglect by the City authorities (and surviving family!) a large number of these graves look very uncared for
(there's a military/ex war graves sectioned off which is in excellent order by contrast ).
Most are now almost exposed at the top or have damaged slabs, broken or fallen Headstones.
There must be a lot of history in here!
I am determined to restore this Cemetery one grave at a time with the help of families and hopefully make the area visitable again.
I would be very interested to hear from anyone who might have family buried here and who would like to see
their grave/'s' restored.
I have done some for clients in the UK/SCOTLAND for very satisfied clients.
I have access to the original Burial Records from the 1800's and can authenticate any grave.
I am convinced it may be possible to attract the attention of the powers that be to make the Cemetery more secure.
If you're interested,kindly contact me at my email address:  Visit my page
Chris Rapasi 
Special Help to find
Hugh Brown Hamilton
Claire Lucas daughter of John and Marcia Lucas
Margaret Nicholson
Rankin family
Martha Rebella Jansen Mouton
Francis Jackie Paul
Ulyate, Eric by Grant Daniels
Edith Gilchrist Williams