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Born in Nairobi in 1927.
Prince of Wales, Nairobi, Kenya from early 1941 to December 1944.




Father was in the Colonial Medical Service and left at independence. He did one tour in Nairobi,

during which Tony was born, and one tour some where near Kisumu.
Left Kenya at the beginning of 1945, aged 18 go to University.
1996 returned to climb to Point Lenana and also got to Gilmans point on Kilimanjaro to be stopped by mountain sickness.




The rest of the time the family were in Nairobi except for a period of 5 years from ’35 to ’40

when Tony went to school in UK.
Ended up a microbiologist working for the government until retirement.
Went to Namibia from work and fell for the place returning several times since.
Now live in a village 8 miles West of Salisbury.
For a number of years had ambition to get a decent photo if ancient body will stand the flight.

Wish to visit Samburu next year.