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Elizabeth II 1952  -  Kenya stamps

George VI died at the age of 57, and his eldest daughter, Elizabeth, became the fourth English queen to reign in her own right. 
In England she reigns as Elizabeth II, but in Scotland, which never came under the rule of Elizabeth Tudor, she is known as 
Elizabeth I. During the years following the Second World War, Britain could be almost proud of her poverty. Her vast wealth had 
been poured out to preserve freedom in the world. Countries like India, Pakistan, Ceylon and many others, became self-governing, 
and the Empire of Queen Victoria had shrunk to a much smaller Commonwealth of Nations. 
The years since Queen Elizabeth's accession have seen a great change in the lives of ordinary people. High wages have brought to many homes the things which they never had before, such as cars, television sets, refrigerators, and the pleasures of holidays abroad. A National Health Service assures medical attention free of charge to all who are ill, and young people have never had so many opportunities to acquire education and training. Men orbit the earth and cameras have. sent back pictures of the moon. 
This is the Atomic Age, but science, which has made these things possible, must be controlled if the human race is to continue to enjoy life on this earth Elizabeth II 1952  -
Kenya stamp Uhuru 1963 5c Cattle ranching  Kenya stamp Uhuru 1963 10c Wood carvingKenya stamp Uhuru 1963 15c Heavy industry
        Ref 1     1 available to swop                              Ref 2     3 available to swop                               Ref 3     1 available to swop
Kenya stamp Uhuru 1963 20c Timber industry    Kenya stamp Uhuru 1963 40c Fishing industry
       Ref 4     2 available to swop                              Ref 5     available to swop                               
Kenya stamp Uhuru 1963 1s 30c Tourism