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Born Nakuru 1953
Lugard School, Nakuru        : 1958 -1963
Nairobi Primary School        : 1964 -1965
St Mary's School,  Nairobi    : 1966 -1970

His father (George Duncan) was in Kenya during the war, with the Royal Artillery, and liked it so much that he decided to stay on after. He worked for the East Africa Power & Lighting Company (revenue accountant) for most of the time working in both Nakuru and then Nairobi, before moving onto Rhodesia in the early 70s, where he died in Harare in 1982. While in Nakuru he was also in the Police Reserve, during the Mau Mau, part of his duties included escorting the school trains between Nakuru and Nairobi. He was big mates with the famous "Hoppy" Marshall, the hangman.
His mother was from Kilmarnock, Scotland where she met his father. They got married and moved to Kenya, but they divorced in the late 50s/early 60s. Mother re-married  a guy called Walter Benyon who was something to do with the NAAFI at Lanet. She worked for several companies as a Secretary/administrator. They eventually moved to Nairobi, where Walter died in about 1967 and then his mother came back to the UK in the early 70s. She died in 2001 in Lincoln, which is where his brother Stewart (ex Prine of Wales) lives.

Left Kenya in 1970 before coming back to the UK to join the RAF. Mick was an Air loadmaster working on  the Hercules Transport aircraft before converting to helicopters in 1983 and becoming a Search & Rescue Winchman. He was based at various locations in the UK before finally calling it a day and left the Air force in 2000. With his partner Mandy (now his wife) took off to Australia and NZ for a year where they back-packed and also worked for a Search & Rescue firm in NZ for a short while. They returned to UK in 2001 and Mick worked for various people, some flying jobs and some not, since then. For the last four years Mick has worked as a civilian instructor, on Search and Rescue, at RAF Valley in N Wales. That job is now coming to an end, as Mick was pretty ill last year, and has decided to move onto something different. His wife Mandy works in HR at the Nuclear Power Station on Anglesey.

Mick has a 23yr old son from a previous relationship.
Mick Tragically died from Cancer in December 2010