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Father of Louise, Norman David McIntyre, a Scottish Merchant Seaman, served during World War 2, left the Navy in 1947 to work in tea & forestry in Burma, Assam, Malawi,  Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya for 7 years. 
He joined the kenya police during the black years of the Mau Mau. Her Mum gave birth to Louise in Nakuru during this period. 
Moved on to Tanzania in 1964 where Louise went to Primary School at Arusha with her sister, Fé in 1967. Her father remained in Tanzania until he had completed the de-africanisation programme in 1973, when he returned to Scotland only to accept another contract in Africa this time in Zimbabwe, at that time Rhodesia.
In all, her father worked for 40 years in African countries and his last posting was in Zambia at the age of 67!