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People who are now living in Australia




Plenty of excellent picnic areas are available for the Reunion in 
 Burswood Park on 4th March 2007 whic has fantastic trails that wind along the southern banks of the Swan River. There are several lakes in the park such as the Citizen of the Year Lake with a stunning black swan fountain. Another treat is the Heritage Trail featuring information and bronze sculptures that represent renowned personalities from Western Australian history.


Peter Barford, Nyeri Primary School, Prince of Wales School, Grigg House, 
Richard Baschiera - Kenton College and St Marys School Nairobi
Gillian Bennett nee Purchase    Nakuru School
Barbara Burrows nee Kaylor, Nakuru, Kenya, Australia
Andrew Caird  - Rhodes House, Prince of Wales School
Ron Clarke - Nairobi and Delemare School Nairobi, Kenya
Simon Cowling - St Mary's School now living in Adelaide, Australia
David Curry - Born in Nakuru in 1954, now living in South West Victoria, Australia
Corinne Davies (nee Sauvage)
Jacki Day nee Stabler Born in Kisumu in 1956.
John Eager - Prince of Wales School, Nairobi
Ian Fitzpatrick - Nicholson House, Prince of Wales, Nairobi, Kenya
Tony Fitzpatrick - Nicholson HOuse, Prince of Wales, Nairobi, Kenya
Dick Garner - St Mary's School now living in Queensland, Australia
Joan ( Williamson ) Gasson - Kenya High School 1954 -58
Chris Glass -  Nyeri Primary & St Mary's
Michael Gocs born in Kitale in 1948 (Kenya) Delamare Boys High now living in Australia
Glyn Griffiths - Duke of York's School, Nairobi, Kenya now living in Perth, Australia
Lesley Heath born in Kenya 1959
Charmaine Hickman - Kenya High School, Nairobi Kenya ow living in Perth, Australia
Valerie Jolley - Kenya now living in New South Wales and Perth Western Australia. 
David Kaylor, Nakuru, Kenya, Australia
John Legg - Delamare High School, now living in Queensland, Australia
Dave Lichtenstein - Delamere House, Duke of York School, Nairobi, Kenya
Anthony McDermott - Born 1955 Mombasa
Dave McFarnell - Prince of Wales - Nicholson House 1958 - 1962
Marie Millette (nee Dingwall)  Kenya High School 1961 - 64
Derek Milton - Prince of Wales School
Adrian P. K. O’Brien - St Mary's School
John Orton - Prince of Wales School
Mike Parry - Prince of Wales School, Nairobi, Kenya 1958 - 1960
Joanna Pickford - Loretto Eldoret
Jenny Porritt nee Oxley born in Mombasa now lives in Melbourne, Australia
Mike Purves
Jackie Ramsay (nee Charnley) - Delamare High School, now living in Canberra Australia
Marcia Ross-Adams nee Legg - Born in Nairobi. Now living in Queensland Australia
Dilip Sihra, Tigoni & Lavington, Lavington Primary School, Duke of York, Sydney, Australia
Ann Simon was Milton
Glen Smith - Lugard School,  Duke of Yorks School
Heather Smith (nee Henley) now living in Adelaide , Australia
Paul Talma - Duke of York
Bob Ward  Kenya Police Service, 1953 - 1960
Sue Warwick ( nee Bowler ) - Loreto Convent Eldoret 1958
Carol Whitaker nee Sims Lavington Primary School,
Joan Muriel  Wroe  ( Kennish ) - Kilmani Primary School, Delamare School
Sally Vivian - Kenya High School, Nairobi now living in Melbourne, Australia