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Sad  News
Brian Toft, passed away on Saturday 12th January 2019 Hong Kong Time.
After one and half year fighting a rare cancer form the treatment was making great progress
alas weakening his immune system.
He caught a bad case of pneumonia was hospitalized on Thursday and passed away dues
to kidney failures.
Lived in Kenya from 1952 to 1963 ....lived in Nanyuki and went to Nyeri Primary then St Marys and then Prince of Wales. Dad was RSM of 3rd Battalion K.A.R. Grandfather was with Caltex at Sadler house where we moved to in 1960.....their surname was Hawksworth ..rest of that side were farmers in Kitale and Eldoret .
P.O.W. from 1958 to 1963..Nicholson house.... Mikado ..great fun ...so was the role of Oliver that he had with the Donovan Maule Theatre company when they visited...but preferred my boxing days..!!
Left Kenya Flight BOAC....930pm December 11th  1963 
Married to Wendy ...daughter called Sharon ..and son called Gary  
Career....33 years in the Royal Navy ending up as the commander of HMS Daedalus......General Manager of the LRC a private members club in Hong Kong for 7 years .....General manager of the Tanglin Club in Singapore  for 3 years and then General Manager/secretary of the British Club  in Singapore.
Adrian Grimwood, Richard Cox and Bill Poppleton were great friends. 
Check out website ...www.britishclub.org.sg  
Born 31 May 1947 Died 12.1.2019
Brian Toft
                                          Photograph above 
taken during the Olympic bid weekend July 6th 2005
                                       The football player on the left has only a slightly better handicap for golf
                                              than the 18 handicap 
that Brian has