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At St Mary's School from age 5 to 17 when  finished `O` levels. 
Loved sport more than academics,. 
Got involved separating proteins, went private, now into animal products. 
Live in Johannesburg, South Africa
Remember (Mrs Matthews) thru to Headmaster Cunningham in senior. 
Great sport ( running, hockey,rugger, boxing,) . Wonderful times.  Adrian Luckhurst and brothers, Alan Wakefield, Dinks Lavelle, Rabellino, great boxers fm Simon Hearn (lite wt) thru to Rob Lunn, (heavys). No other school could beat us!!
In Charles Disney's commentary - cutting from East African Standard 19.7.1961
Another noteworthy bout that got better as it progressed was a special contest in which John Wilson, son of Mayor of Nairobi, who out pointed P. St. Jorre.