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Went back to Kenya in 2000Hill school, Nakuru school, Prince of Walls - Rhodes house 1958

Live in Umatilla Florida USA

                     Grand mother, Emma Jane Neil (nee Rooken-Smith)


One of many Rooken- Smiths 


Parents were divorced before Patrick was two years old. His father went back to England.
Ancestry from his grand mothers side of the family . She was a Neil a sister to the Rooken-Smiths .
She farmed but lost it during the depression .
Regarded as the black sheep of the family .His mother , very poor , worked many places including , the Pioneer Hotel Eldoret  (owned by a family member) , Diani Beach Hotel (owned by  the same family )
Nakuru War Memorial Hospital  1950-54 while Patrick was at Nakuru .
Patrick was a boarded there  and finally  at the Kenya Police HQ .
Mother Left Kenya in 1962 for the UK .
Patrick took his mother to the USA in  1966 .
Went back to Kenya in 2000
Most of the Neils went to South Africa .One sister lives in the UK