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Born in Nairobi in 1954, daughter of Duncan and Hazel ( nee Kempton ) Macgregor. Both parents brought 

up ( father Nairobi, mother Mombasa ) and educated in Kenya. ( father at POW and mother at Limuru ).

Early schooling at Kestral Manor in Nairobi. Moved to the UK in 1968 having lived and attended schools 

in Tanganyika, South Africa, Nyasaland ( Malawi ) and South Africa yet again.

Married Bill Scurfield in Scotland in 1978. Resident in Northamptonshire for the past 21 years..

Two children, son aged 20 who has been "travelling" for the past 18 months - India, Nepal and 

Australia, promising to return to the UK by Christmas 2001 via
Indonesia and Cambodia. Daughter aged 12, still " safely" at home!

Work permitting - we've been in business for ourselves for 20 years - main interests Family History, 

Gardening and collecting autobiographical / biographical books relating to East Africa and Malawi...
Last visit to Kenya 1976 when my grandmother, Gwen Kempton, was still living in Mombasa.

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