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Anthony Belfrage  -  St Mary's School, Nairobi, Kenya 1970

Wendy Bell Karen Primary School and Loreto Convent Msongari

Barbara Blevins - Kenya Girls High School now living on Isle of Wright

William Bolton - St Marys School, Nairobi, Kenya 1965 - 1970

Antoinette Brooke nee Wilcock - Loreto Msongari and Limuru School

Terry Brownbil - St Marys School, Nairobi, Kenya 1965 - 1970

Tony Carman  -  Prince of Wales, Nairobi, Kenya 1941 - 1944.  Born in Nairobi in 1927.

Jacqui Canning - Loreto Convent, Mombasa

Janet Cheal nee Moen -  1949 to 1966

Ann Chilcot nee Moore - Delamere Girls School, Nairobi 1964

Tim Clark - Nicholson House, Prince of Wales School

Simon Combes - Duke of York School

Linda Cooper now Marsden -  St Georges Primary School and Delamere Girls High School

Tessa Cooper - Msongari

Mike Crawford born in Nakuru, Kenya

Carolyn Daniels nee Pullen  -  Mombasa European Primary School

Nashir Daya - St George's School, Nairobi, Kenya now lives in Southend on Sea, Essex

Chris Dickenson -  St Mary's School now lives in Hampshire UK

Alastair Dimech - Prince of Wales

Christopher John Dimech

Rodney Dimech - Prince of Wales - Nicholson House 1958 - 1962

Bernard A Dokelman -  Rhodes House, Prince of Wales School

Dorothy Edwards - Loreto Convent, living in Chester, England

Lindsey de Maudave ( Nee ) Ellway Kenya High School,

Barry Fitzpatrick - Nicholson House, Prince of Wales, Nairobi, Kenya

Carolyn French nee Bedingfield - St Georges Primary school, Kenya High School

Nick Gautama - Our Lady of Mercy, St Georges School

Bert Gent - Ministry of Works

Margaret Gent-Seay

Mati Glassborow - Loreto Convent

Darryl  Gleed  -  St Mary's School and Duke of York's School

Frank Gray - Delamere School, Nairobi, Kenya

Josyane Harter  - Parklands Primary School, Delemere Girls High School

Marcus Hartland-Mahon  -  Molo, Manor House

Simon Hartley - Duke of York School (Thompson House) 1953 -57, Kenya

Pat Hayward nee Bygate lived in Nairobi 1964-66.

Nicholas Hill - Prince of Wales - Hawke House 1960 - 64

Sheila Hoaran (now Ansell), Delamere School, Nairobi, Kenya 1946 - 1963

Carol Johnstone (now Elliott), Delamere School, Nairobi, Kenya  1952 - 1963

Diane Keen - Nakuru School

Jane Kenny - Nyrie primary school 

Janette Kenny Nyrie primary school

Jill Kenny Nyrie primary school Joanne Kenny Nyrie primary school

Peter Knight  - Lugard School, Nakuru

Ray Knowles - Prince of Wales School, now lives in Buckley, North Wales UK

George Kosmetos  - Prince of Wales 1963 - 66

Phil Kroll - Lugard School Nakuru

Jim Logan  Duke of York School

Peter Long St Mary's School, Nairobi

John Henry Casdale Luck

Dr. Virinder Kumar Madhok - St. Mary's School, now lives in Glasgow, Scotland

Tina Mattlock nee White

Andrew McCabe - Prince of Wales School 1964 -69.

Malcolm McCrow - Duke of York School ( Mitchell House ) 1958 - 61

Joan McInnes nee Hall - Kenya Girls HighJean ( McFarnell ) Banks - Luggard Primary School 1958 - 60

Mike McFarnell   - Prince of Wales - Nicholson House 1960 - 1963

Stella ( Thomson ) McFarnell  Loreto Convent

Mike McKenny St.Mary's School,  Nairobi,  Kenya,  1955

Shaun Metcalfe -  Cobham, UK  Mombasa Primary School

Thomas Evan Morgan  Mayor of Kisumu, Kenya

Mary Rose ( Dimech ) Mills - Kenya High School 1960 - 1962

Sandra ( Johnstone ) Munster - Correct name Sandra but known as Beau or Sandy

Simon P M Musgrave - Molo Primary School, Manor House Prep in Kitale now lives in Southampton

Roger Norminton - Nicholson House, Prince of Wales School, Nairobi, Kenya

Wendy Palmer nee Watson - Kisumu

Alice Palser nee Luck

Rosemary Pearce.(née Miller) 1957-1969 the Highlands School, Eldoret, Kenya

Edward Mole - born in Narobi, Kenya

Richard Page - Manor House, Kitale

Kevin Patience -  St Marys school, Narobi

Edward Penfold -  St Marys school, Narobi, now lives in Tetbury in Gloucestershire

Andrew Potter - Born in Kenya 1944

Carolyn Daniels nee Pullen Mombasa now lives in Salisbury

Barrie Straw, nee Purdy -Kenya High School, Huxley House, 1958 to 1961

Brod Purdy - Prince of Wales School, Rhodes House 1958-1961

Carolyn Purdy, nee Henderson Kenya High School, 1962

Mike Purves  - Prince of Wales - Nicholson House ( 1958 - 60 )

Batock Raval - Born Kitale 1939

Angus Reynolds now lives in village of Boxford in West Berkshire.

Janet Rogers Kenya Girls High School now lives in Teignmouth, Devon

Ian Rossenrode - Born and educated to 'O' Levels in Kenya - 1970

David Seely - Grigg House, Prince of Wales, Nairobi

Antony Sharman - Duke of York's School, Nairobi, Kenya

Riana Sheldon-Williams (nee Eraj ) - Msongari Convent

Bridget ( Macgregor ) Scurfield - Born in Nairobi in 1954

Joan Stevenson nee Gray

Charlie Shaylor - Prince of Wales School, Nairobi

David Shaylor - Prince of Wales School, Nairobi

Roger Steeden - Hill School Eldoret, Duke of York School, Nairobi

Shona Stewart Loreto Convent Valey Road, Nairobi, Kenya

Norman Stobbs - Born 1936 Nairobi, Kenya

Donald Brise Strachan  -  Nairobi, Kenya,  Prince of Wales

Tony Sunde - St Mary's School, Nairobi Kenya

Richard Thurstan - Kenton Prep School, Nairobi, Kenya

John Tilley  - Prince of Wales School, Nairobi

Dinny Tomlinson  - Msongari Convent 1957 - 1963

Ursula Trentham nee Murphy - Nakuru Girls School

Peter van Aardt  - St. Mary's School Nairobi, 1952 -1960

Chris Wallis now living in Wimborne, Dorset - Duke of York School

David Walsh - Prince of Wales - Rhodes House 1960 - 1964

Trevlyn Webb -  Nyeri school, Prince of Wales - Rhodes House

John Wheatley  - Thomsons Falls Private School - Duke of York School

Alan Whittington St.Georges Primary & Delamere  Nairobi Kenya 1956-61

Michele Youngson - Msongari 1979 - 81

Jeff Youtan - Prince of Wales School, Nairobi, Kenya