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Attended St Andrews, Turi, Greensteads, Nakuru Primary, Mombasa Primary
and finally Loreto Convent Mombasa ( 1950 to 1961 ) before going to boarding school in the UK.
Went back to Kenya after university in Scotland for a few years, but couldn't get a work permit, so headed South, living in various countries along the way such as Tanzania, Malawi and the Transkei.
Finally got to the tip of Africa, where now lives on the boat
Father was Ted Crawford. He was a schoolmaster at Turi and Greensteads. He then went down to Mombasa where he worked with Landing & Shipping for while before looking after the 'outwardbound' training programs for new recruits at the East African Oil Refinery. He then went back up country and started up a trout fly tying company in Kericho, subsidised by Brook Bond.
Mother was a physiotherapist for many years in Mombasa, her name is Moira Crawford, and she had her own surgery in the Motor Mart Building in Kilindini Rd.