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                                                          Sisters Pat, Gill and Stella Thomson

                                                                    Sisters - Pat, Gill and Stella Thomson
Went out to Kenya age six  in 1928 and lived on a farm in Kitale.
Went to Loreto Convent in Nairobi.
       Married - 2 children by first marriage - Alice and John Luck front lawn farm in Kitale.
          Reg with Alastair, Rodney, Mary Rose and Pat                      Rodney, Alastair, ChrisJohn, David ( cousin) Mary Rose 
             4 children by second marriage - Rodney, MaryRose , Alastair and ChrisJohn
                                     Pat Wells
                                       Returned England in 1962 - lived in Bromley then moved to Dover
  xxxx ,     Betty Dimech,  Pat Wells                                                                      Pat Wells  and Harry Colyer
               1985 Dover Pageant                                                                                      1990 Dover Pageant