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Kevin's father Denis arrived in 47 as a Lt R.E. posted to Mackinnon Road. Retired in 48 joined PWD later MoW.  
Worked for Kenya Govt till 69 retired as Chief Purchasing Officer. Retired to Msa and passed away in 98. 
Denis was a founder member of the Nairobi National Theatre and together with Kevin's mother Dorothy was very active on stage. 
Kevin and his mother arrived Mombasa in 48, Schooled at Loreto Convent Valley Rd. 48-50.. Kisumu school 50 - 53. 
St Marys, Nairobi. 53 - 61. Joined R.A.F. 61 - 73.. Returned to Mombasa freelance diver for DIVECON. 
Electrical foreman for Southern Engineering, Msa. 74 - 76. Commercial diver in Middle East 77 - 82. 
Returned Msa - MD of DIVECON 82 - 84. Returned Bahrain. Set up TECHDIVE as MD. 84 - 99.
Retired to Poole. Ran five steam safaris in Kenya and Tanzania 2001 - 05. 
Led three safaris to Kenya to look at WWI  battlefields near Voi - Taveta area..2005 - 10.
Aviation in KenyaKevin Patience's new AVIATION in KENYA CALENDAR 2011 is now available 
Having published Kenya calendars for 2003, 2005 and 2008 with Churches, Railways and Postcards, the new calendar features 24 black and white photographs, two per month of aircraft in Kenya from the first powered flight at Maktau in October 1915 through the early biplanes and seaplanes to aircraft of World War II and on to the jet age. 
The photographs are captioned and the A4 format with a ring binder and brown envelope retails at £6.50 for the UK and £7.50 P&P Overseas 
       257 Sandbanks Road, 
       Poole, BH14 8EY 
       Tel:  01202 707450
Short Solent on Lake Naivasha c 1949 kindly supplied by Kevin Patience
Short Solent on Lake Naivasha c 1949 kindly supplied by Kevin Patience
My father also worked for PWD ( MOW ) and  a treat for our family was meeting someone returning from England on a seaplane landing on Lake Naivasha.                           
 Mike  McFarnell