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1961 Duke of York School, Nairobi, Kenya (Kirk) 
Practised veterinary surgery in England since graduating from the Royal (Dick) Veterinary College in Edinburgh. He has owned both large and small animal practices and currently has a clinic in Hampshire where he also specializes in exotic animals and reptiles. He has returned to Africa to work with the veterinary department of the Kruger National Park on their Elephant Management Project. His large family ranges from sons (4) in Marketing management, Law, the Police (what a combination!!) and one still in primary school and daughters (2) one aspiring to be the next Oscar /Emmy/etc. winner and another also in school.
We think he has finally stopped his breeding program!!!

Email from Tracey Brooker  to say Jim was her vet in Bordon Hampshire for 20 years and she wanted to thank him for all he did. 5 years ago he treated her dog Jasper on the day of his retirement.