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Born in Nairobi, went to Nyeri Primary 1955 - 1960, Thika 61-62.

Prince of Wales Scott House until 1966. 

Moved to Australia, Navy for 12 years.

Moved to and still living in  Virginia USA.

Two sisters, Bonny and Cherry went to the Boma (Curie house) then to Perth Australia.

His father was a coffee farmer.  
First at Donyo Sabok working for Lord McMillan from 1947 to 1959. 
Then he worked for a company called Anglo French just outside Thika until he followed Ian to Australia.  
Anglo French tasked his father to grow Hawiian pineapples for Del Monte but the soil was too good in Kenya and the pineapples were too large to fit into the cans that they wanted.
On Google Maps it looks like Del Monte pineapple took over the place.