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Lives in Cobham, UK with wife Bea. 
An electronics engineer  in the Consultancy business on Radio and TV Transmission and reception. 
Lot of work with outfits like the BBC World Service and Frequency Regulators such as OFCOM. 
Speciality is signal propagation and  works mostly in Africa and the Middle East.
Shaun has published his book:
MUCHENJE - The Story of a Safari Lodge Built in the Land of the Elephants
by Shaun Metcalfe
£4.41 delivery
Now available on Amazon UK
This is the fascinating story of how Muchenje Safari Lodge was conceived, designed and built over 25 years ago. The lodge is in the Chobe Forest Reserve just a short distance from the western entrance of the Chobe National Park in Northern Botswana. Its virgin bush and all its flora and fauna are now a classic safari destination in Africa. The Chobe has one of the highest concentrations of elephants in the world. Shaun Metcalfe tells the story of the people who built Muchenje and the animals that live there.
Shaun Metcalfe was brought up in Kenya. His passion for game parks started as a child in the 1950s This enthusiasm continued throughout Shaun’s life and when working in Botswana in the 1980s a visit he made to the vast Chobe National Park kindled his desire to make this wonderful region available for more tourists to enjoy. It was in Botswana, home of the Kakahari, the Okavango, the Makgadigadi, the Tuli and the Chobe that Shaun decided to realise his dream in elephant country overlooking the Chobe River.
Father - Kit Metcalfe, was Headmaster at Mombasa European Primary School (MEPS). Before this he worked at the European School (now Highlands School and Hill School) Eldoret, Nyeri Primary, Parklands and Westlands. Many Kenyan boys and girls obviously came through his tutorship (and sternness!!!!). 
Both parents passed away more than 20 years ago.
His sister has just had a book published (she is a writer of a number of books). 
It is called "A Kenya Childhood" by C S Nicholls.