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Lives in Frimley, Surrey, UK.
Born in Tanga, Tanganyika.
Went to Arusha Hellenic School then Iringa.
Prince of Wales School, Nairobi 1963 - 66. 
Married to Tracy and has three kids Keighley, James and Georgie.
Used to hang around with the Greek boys; Fred Abajoli, George Panayotakis RIP and brother Mike Kosmetos.
Later Paul Pavlidis and the Arusha boys Foxy Gritalis, Reno Sideras, Stelios Koutouvides. Made many a hitch hiking trip to Mombasa and Malindi. Also later teamed up with Ju Simpson and Steve Nothrop, slept above Fontanella near Castle Hotel in Mombasa, in bushes ... the swimming club, camping everywhere at Silversands, even stayed in officers mess in Whitesands only to be escorted out the next morning by the Seargent Major.
Rember the Lawfords buffet for 5 bob ??? 
The New Kenya Hotel 50 cents for a curry followed by the Malindi Runs for the rest of the week.
Pilsner was 1 shilling 40cents.