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                                                                    Jasmer Singh Grewal  1950
Jasmer Singh joined the Public Works Department, P.W.D  in 1947 and started cricket, hockey and mixed hockey. 
He always took a keen interest in the administrative and field side of sport within the Department 
( name changed to Ministry of Works, M.O.W.  in 1956. He was secretary to the Kenya Federation of Sport
and, together with Joseph McFarnell, started the Commercial Cricket League. His contribution to cricket in 
Kenya was enormous. He played in six internationals and is the holder of 307 runs record for the first wicket for 
Sikh Union ( now Simba Union ) against Nakuru Athletic Club. The Internationals included Kenya against Gujerat 
& Sunder C.C. in 1957 and South Africa Non-Europeans in 1958. 
In 1975, he was appointed to manage Kenya in the first Cricket World Cup in Britain and in 1996 managed Kenya
in the World Cup in India / Sri Lanka. He  was  Chairman of  Kenya  Cricket Association from 1970 to 1977.
He travelled many  times to Britain and always took time to meet up with Mac. 
                                                                   Jasmer Singh Grewal
In August 1999, Jasmer  became General  Manager of the Kenya Cricket Association.