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Richard was born at the Nakuru war memorial hospital 28.8.40. and attended Mbeya school TT 1947-1952, then in 1953 PoW intake  No: 2464.and left in 1957.travelling there and back over many days by rail and lake steamers.  He joined the British South Africa Police in Rhodesia in 1959 and left in 1981 as Chief Supetintendent and CO of the North East sector of the country.

He moved to South Africa in 1981 to take on a second career with US Corporation (3M Company) from which he retired in 2005.

He lives in Hillcrest..near Durban.


Richard's father (W.S.Isemonger) was an officer in the KAR and trained at Gilgil circa 1939-40. He saw service in North Africa (Abysinnia etc) and soon afterwards in Burma with X1V Army with 6th Btn KAR. He survived and moved to Tanganyika after demobilisation at Dar-es-Salaam. After working for the colonial government agricultural department in awful places in central TT , he went coffee farming in the southern highlands (Mbosi).