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John Tyrwhitt-Drake was born in Kenya in 1929 - 2000 (died in Sri Lankan)

He lived in Kenya until he went to university in South Africa around 1948.

He went to boarding St Andrews in Grahamstown school in South Africa

He returned to Kenya in about 1953 for about 4 years, and then again from 1970 - 1975 as an architect working in Nairobi  then in Mombasa 1976 - 1980. 

He was a keen golfer and a member of Limuru, Nyali and Mombasa Coast Golf Clubs.

His father Robert H Tyrwhitt-Drake was a goverment surveyor in Nairobi.

His son Michael would like to hear from anyone who knew John.



John Tyrwhitt-Drake and family lived at 20 West Mayfield, Edinburgh for a time in the 1960s