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Born in Kenya in 1949, 


Nyeri Primary School, 


Prince of Wales, Nicholson House, Nairobi, Kenya, 


Just to give an idea what Hans was brought up with.


If you have seen the films, Out of Africa, Hartari, Born Free, Living Free. They were


always out on safari during school holidays.


RETIRED lives in Denmark


Hans' father sold his farm here in Denmark and immigrated to Kenya way back 1931 as a farmer.

He and good friends from Sweden and England started and pioneered in Coffee farming north of Nairobi

and was member of the Kenya coffee Board and life member of the Royal Agriculture Society Kenya.


After World War 2, his farther worked for the British Government to teach the local people in farming to produce their own food, but in Africa the problem was the grass is always green on the other side of road.