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Diane was born in England in 1946.
Diane was brought up and Educated in Kenya until she was eighteen when she returned to England
to go to Drama School..
When she arrived in England she was glued to the television having never seen it in her childhood.
It was then she heard they were looking for a young presenter in a new television series 'Three Go Ground'.
Sending in a passport photograph she landed the job over 2,500 applications.

With this television commitment keeping her from actual starting at Drama school, Diane instead spent the
next ten years learning her trade through film, television and theatre until her big break with a lead role in
'Cuckoo Waltz' ( Co-stared for 5 years ) made her over night success.

Diane signed my programme for me when I went to watch her appear in 'Absent Friends' at
the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury.  Mike McFarnell July 1996